A Bunion is a protrusion that extends on the outside of the big toe.  The metatarsal bone behind the big toe becomes prominent causing the foot to become wider.

When this occurs, the big toe leans in toward the second toe rather than remaining straight, and this causes the bones to move out of alignment. Bunions generally are an inherited ailment due to a compromised structure of the foot, which causes an individual to become prone to developing a Bunion.

However, there are various factors that may apply such as, a flat foots changing position of the joint, and the foots function with the changing position. Pain, inflammation and redness, or a burning sensation, are common symptoms of a hurting Bunion. Soft Step ™ by Michael D Ellis, LLC  Orthotics Arch Supports™ are ideal insoles when used to offer relief for the painful bunion(s), in that these orthotic arch supports remove the majority of the individual’s weight off from the bunion(s) and centers the weight directly in the center of the arches.

Immediate relief is experienced when the pressure that is normally being applied to the front of the foot is no longer a factor. It is also important to wear footwear that does not constrict the foot, but allows the necessary room for the wider width of the fore foot.

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