Corns & Calluses


Corns and calluses are thickening skin that develop in the areas of pressure. A corn is a hard thickening of the skin usually located on the outer surface of the little toe or on the upper surface of the other toes.

It appears as a cone shaped mass pointing down into the skin. A callus is more common on the toes, but can also occur under the ball of the foot. Pressure continually being applied to an area will develop this thickening of the skin. Corns and calluses are the body’s natural way of protecting the area, but too much of this protective covering can become painful.

It is very common for corns and calluses to appear where the footwear that is being worn is too tight; or due to an abnormal gait, this can apply pressures to other areas of the foot. Hammer toes are a very common condition where the tops of the bent toes rub onto the tops of the shoes and where the bottom of the toe is striking the ground. This condition is very prone to corns and calluses and is one of the most painful foot problems. When the pressure is removed from an area, then the body will cease it’s skin thickening process.