Heel Spurs


A heel spur is a build up of calcium which occurs from excessive activity such as running, jumping, or doing heavy lifting.  This can create a tremendous amount of strain on the fascia tissue which can cause inflammation, and resulting in a pulling away from the heel bone. Heel spurs can be extremely painful when you are standing or walking on an inflamed area. Stretching exercises are beneficial in that they help to keep the fascia and the surrounding tissues strengthened.

Heel spurs are very often interchanged with the condition called plantar fasciitis, but heel spurs can develop in other areas, for example, on the back of the heel not just at the front and bottom of the heel.

Soft Step™ by Michael D Ellis, LLC  Orthotics Arch Supports™  have proven to be effective in the use of providing relief to heel spurs that are located at the front and bottom of the heel, in that these devices center the body’s weight in the middle of the arches. It removes the pressure off from the heel preventing the continual agitation and allows the calcium deposits to break down. Also, by correcting the alignment of the body and supplying the needed support, the excessive activities that one partakes in will not be so overwhelming for the body and feet because of the support and straightening of the structure that the Soft Step Orthotic Arch Supports™ has reportedly provided. For heel spurs that are at the back of the heel, it is necessary to prevent the rubbing action which aggravates the spur.

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