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Remember this: Your shoe size and your arch size are not the same thing. Two people that wear the same size shoes will have different toe lengths, thus increasing or decreasing the arch size.

You also have 4 major arches in your feet to support correctly for maximum alignment of your body, not just the one arch you see in over the counter products.

This is why we don't just send out arch supports according to your shoe size. We send you out Free Home Sizing kit with very simple instructions. That way we can actually establish your true arch size, which will make a big difference in how they fit, how they feel and what they can do for your feet, ankles, knees, hip, back and neck.

 PediSizer™ Home Sizing Kit Foot and Arch Size and Evaluation

Your PediSizer will help us to evaluate your feet along with our questionaire and assess whether a pair of Soft Step by Michael D Ellis,  Custom Fit Light, Custom Orthotics, Cadence,Flex Lite or one of our 300 other orthotics is right for you. Color of your Orthotics may vary at different times of the year.

Follow the PediSizer foot print directions, send the prints to us at:

Custom Foot And Arch / Ellis

1084 Paradise Peak Road

Valley Springs, CA 95252

We will than select the proper ARCH size Orthotic by Michael D Ellis, that would fit your needs.  If you have specific needs or questions, simply contact us and we will answer any questions you may have.

Worn, approved and recommended by Podiatrists, Pedorthists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and Sports Medicine Clinicians as well as Reflexologists and Massage Therapists.
Proven Successful for Over 4 Decades, Michael Dennis Ellis  Orthotics Arch Supports Have Helped People Around the World.

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